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7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health

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7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health 7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health

7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health

Discomfort should not be your base line. For so many years, it was mine. Not by choice, of course. But since going gluten-free for celiac disease in 2007, my main goal has been to heal my gastrointestinal (GI) tract and to maintain its health.
That makes sense for someone with celiac disease where the body attacks its own tissue in the small intestine.
It also makes sense for everyone. That?s because almost 70% of the immune system?s lymphoid tissues reside in the gut. About 80% of our plasma cells (antibody cells) are in gut-associated lymph tissue.
So, if you want a healthy immune system, you need to start in the gut. Just like anything else, keeping your gut, and ultimately your immune system, healthy requires consistent action. There are no quick and easy fixes. Say that out loud to yourself: There are no quick and easy fixes.
In my experiences working with individuals helping them to regain gut health, lack of consistency is a significant factor for most people. After all, it isn?t easy to pass up treats we love, forego the foods everyone else is eating at a party, or to hold back when we?re on holiday or traveling.
However, it isn?t easy for our digestive system to keep up when we don?t pay attention to our gut health and maybe knowingly eat foods we know aren?t best for us.
In many cases, a short reward in the present means we pay tenfold in gut and immune health down the road.
Am I saying to live a life of restriction" Absolutely not! I believe in balance and moderation and having foods you love, even sweet treats, when you want. But from my experience in personally restoring my health using only food, I believe consistent, daily focus on gut health is key to overall health.
Here is my 7-point approach to achieving and maintaining good gut and immune health.
7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health
1 ? Daily probiotic
I take at least one of these probiotic capsules daily. Make sure the one you choose is free from gluten and any allergens you have. If you adhere to a plants-only diet, be sure your probiotic is vegan.
In addition to my probiotic capsule, I eat cultured foods like kimchi and sauerkraut daily as a side dish with at least one meal per day. There are other foods like apple cider vinegar (choose one with ?the Mother?), kefir (available in dairy and coconut based versions), kombucha, etc.
I don?t like kefir or kombucha, so I just stick to the foods I enjoy that have these probiotic properties. Don?t ever feel pressured to eat or drink anything just because ?everyone else? says you should.

2 ? Ginger
If you?ve been here a while you already know ginger is a favorite of mine. I use it in many forms, like ginger tea, and I also chew two ginger tablets first thing every morning. I order these and literally keep a box of them in every room in the house, plus in my car and in my purse. If we meet in person, it is highly likely I will give you a box (after I ask you which meds you?re taking because ginger and cer...
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7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health 7 Daily Rituals that Promote Gut and Immune Health


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