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9 Back to School Strategies for Parents of Gluten-Free Kids

Gluten-free Recipes
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9 Back to School Strategies for Parents of Gluten-Free Kids 9 Back to School Strategies for Parents of Gluten-Free Kids

9 Back to School Strategies for Parents of Gluten-Free Kids

As if there?s not enough to do gearing up to get the kiddos ready for a new school year, add to that the need to keep their meals gluten-free and allergen-free. And all that “free” extends beyond meals, too. Think about all that pencil and book sharing, door opening and food sharing that goes on in schools. Everywhere the hands go, gluten can go, too.
We parents can?t be there every step of the way, that?s for sure, but we can take steps to help keep our kids stay gluten-free at school, or any time they?re away from home.
9 Back to School Strategies for Parents of Gluten-Free Kids
1 – Talk to your kids at home.
Gear the conversation about celiac disease and gluten-free living to your child?s age. The younger they are, the simpler the conversation can be. The message, regardless of age, is that eating foods that contain gluten causes the body harm. Choose the words your child will relate to and consider using a resource geared toward kids like this one.
Focus on the positive by reassuring your child that gluten-related health issues can be avoided as long as they adhere to their gluten-free diet.
2 – Discuss cross-contamination.
We can?t possibly list all the ways cross-contamination can occur, but be sure to discuss the topic with your child so they?re aware that it definitely does and even if they don?t consciously eat gluten, they could ingest it.
Some hot spots to consider:

Door knobs
Desks & chairs
Cafeteria tables
Shared books, notebooks, pencils, etc.
Art supplies (some glue, modeling ?dough?, finger paint and other supplies contain wheat/gluten)

You may consider sending a small packet of sanitizing wipes with your child to wipe down surfaces. Of course, clear this with the teacher – see #3, below.
3 – Talk to your child?s teacher and other school staff.
Early and often ? those are the key words when it comes to how you should communicate with your child?s teacher(s) about their gluten-free diet.
In addition to the child?s main teacher, be sure to include:

in-class aides
other school staff
the cafeteria manager
school nurse

During discussions like these is a good time to talk about things like:

a plan of action if your child does come into contact with gluten
how to handle situations such as food-related classroom activities
the possibility of sending your child to school with a Nima Sensor to use while at school

Nima Sensor at School"
If you’re not familiar with Nima, read my article, Understanding the Nima Sensor. Be sure to follow it up with What a “Gluten Found” Nima Test Result Means. If your child can take a Nima device to school (or if they are too young to use the device, perhaps the teacher could help oversee the process), be sure to pass along those articles plus the Nima website, too. Knowledge is power and Nima provides that extra layer of protection for us celiac folks!
I love my Nima, especially when I’m d...


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