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Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold

Gluten-free Recipes
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Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold

Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold

Visit any bookstore in the month of January in search of the ideal New Year’s diet, and you?ll be greeted by shelves of diet books, each promising the answer to seeing small numbers on the scale. Americans spend more than $60 billion dollars every year to lose weight. The average dieter attempts to follow a weight-loss plan four times a year. Despite our best efforts, however, dieting has been shown to be extremely ineffective. Rates of being overweight and suffering from obesity continue to increase in both adults and children. Others develop disordered eating patterns. While diet books and products continue to drive big business, research shows they do nothing to help improve weight and health in the long term.
Is there a better way" Intuitive Eating and mindful eating are ?non-diet? approaches backed by research and now making headlines as ways to improve your relationship with food and more naturally manage your weight for life.
Gluten Free and Gaining
Research shows that many people with celiac disease gain weight on the gluten-free diet. A 2012 study followed almost 700 patients with celiac disease and found that about a quarter of those who were overweight at diagnosis gained weight on the gluten-free diet. A 2010 study of nearly 150 children with celiac disease on the gluten-free diet found that the percentage of overweight participants almost doubled. For those who are underweight, gaining a few pounds may be a good thing and can improve overall health. But for those at normal weight or even overweight at the time of diagnosis, weight gain may cause great distress.
A combination of factors likely leads to weight gain on the gluten-free diet. Many gluten-free products are higher in fat and calories than their gluten-containing counterparts. Also, those with undiagnosed celiac disease experience malabsorption, making it possible to eat bigger portions without gaining weight. After diagnosis and treatment commences, the body absorbs food better as the intestinal lining heals, often leading to added pounds on the scale.
What can those on the gluten-free diet do to prevent or manage unwanted weight gain" The answer is not as simple as counting calories. Most people who go on a traditional diet gain the weight back, plus a few extra pounds, within five years. In fact, multiple studies on children and adults show that those who diet are at risk for further weight gain.
Say Goodbye to Diets
Dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch published the book Intuitive Eating in 1995 after both became frustrated with how traditional diets failed their patients. Now in its third edition, the book takes a radical look at the ineffectiveness of traditional diets. Tribole explains, ?When we diet, we are not connecting with our bodies. We are no longer listening to our hunger and fullness cues.? Research backs this way of eating. ?There are 60 studies that show benefits,? says Tribole. ?Many have shown that those who practice Intuitive Eatin...
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Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold Leave Your New Year’s Diet Out In the Cold


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Publication date: 26-12-2017 14:45
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