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Gluten-Free School Survival Tips

Gluten-free Recipes
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Gluten-Free School Survival Tips Gluten-Free School Survival Tips

Gluten-Free School Survival Tips

Amy Keller, MS, RD, LD,

is a dietitian and celiac

support leader from

Bellefontaine, Ohio.
Q: My daughter is in fourth grade. The teacher likes to give out candy as rewards for good behavior and during math games. I’m nervous because most likely not all the candy choices are going to be safe. How can I approach this with her teacher" My daughter is already shy and worried about this drawing extra attention.
A: If you feel comfortable discussing it informally with the teacher, that’s a good place to start. However, you might want to consider a 504 Plan for your child. This formal document assures that there will be consistency in all classrooms and with all teachers who work with your child. Visit for more information on 504 Plans and how one might help your daughter. All of the major celiac organizations include information about how to implement a 504 Plan on their websites as well.
You can provide a bag of safe gluten-free candy, labeled with your daughter’s name, that her teacher could discreetly keep. This is also a good tip for birthday treats. While many schools now require prepackaged treats with clear ingredient lists or have eliminated sweet birthday treats altogether, it’s still a good idea to supply an emergency stash of small, prepackaged bags of cookies or other gluten-free goodies so your child doesn’t feel left out in the case of a surprise celebration. Just be sure to note the expiration dat...
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Gluten-Free School Survival Tips Gluten-Free School Survival Tips


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