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One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows

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One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows

One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows

Almost one-third of restaurant dishes labeled ?gluten-free? contain detectable amounts of gluten, a new study found. The study from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center was performed by crowdsourcing data from more than 800 restaurant patrons using a handheld gluten-testing device and assessing 4,723 menu items. Of the items tested, 32 percent had gluten quantities exceeding the Food & Drug Administration?s standard for what can be labeled ?gluten free.?
Though the study results are still considered preliminary, the number of ?gluten-free? dishes that contained gluten is concerning for those adhering to a gluten-free diet. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates packaged items sold in grocery stores that are billed as gluten free, but state and local governments are tasked with overseeing restaurants. According to its website, the FDA ?continues to work with state and local government partners with respect to gluten-free labeling in restaurants? and that restaurants ?should? be consistent with the FDA?s guidelines. However, standards may not be as clear or carefully regulated, depending on local government.
The study used portable Nima gluten sensors, which use antibody-based chemistry to test samples of food for the proteins found in gluten. A small amount of food is placed in one of the disposable test capsules, then inserted into the center. After a few minutes, the handheld device displays the result.
The handy device painte...
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One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows One-third of Restaurant ?Gluten-Free? Menu Items Actually Contain Gluten, Study Shows


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