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The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development

Gluten-free Recipes
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The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development

The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development

If you are a parent, you know one of your most recurring thoughts is child development and hoping your children grow up to be as strong and healthy as can be. You teach them how to read, walk, share toys, have manners and hopefully teach them how to eat properly. Proper nutrition is important from the moment they are born (even while they are in the womb, but that?s a whole other article?) to promote healthy growth, development, function and prevent any disease and illness.
The Most Important Nutrients For Developing Organs & Systems
By now, you should know the basics of not eating junk and focusing on whole, natural foods, but there are certain nutrients to feed your children that can help the development and function of certain organs and bodily systems. We broke down each main body part, most important nutrient, and what to feed your child to make sure that organ functions and develops as optimally as possible!
Complex carbohydrates are extremely important for natural energy and brain function. Carbs are the body?s main source of energy and in a developing brain, you should choose complex over simple carbs. Complex carbs are higher in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. This can be found in whole grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa and oats.
Essential fatty acids may arguably be the most important nutrient for the brain. They are extremely beneficial for cognitive performance and function. They have even been shown to improve children with attention...
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The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development The Link Between Nutrition and Child Development


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